Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Severely Lacking

I could write about how busy I've been, how we've hardly had time to breathe in the last month, or how my 9 1/2 month old child is WALKING, which also tends to keep me on my toes...but the truth is, I've been severely lacking in motivation to blog. I'm not really all that sure why. I have cute stories to tell, and fun pictures to share...just no motivation to actually sit down and do it. Lame!

So, here it is. The catch-all post. The update on our lives, photo drop, random post. The hurry up and write because I have five minutes before the munchkin decides to take a flying leap over the side of the couch.

Molly is walking. It happened around 9 months, but then she wouldn't duplicate it for anyone - not even Daddy. Then, about 2 days ago, she decided to try it out again - but this time for real. Just about everyone has seen her do it now, so they know I'm not making it up.

I taught her to say, "Santa!" last week. However, the way that I got her to say it was by semi-yelling, "SANTA!" every five seconds. So now she yells, "ANTA!", angrily. Oops.

When you ask her where the "pretties" are, she frantically searches both of your ears to check and see if you have earrings on. I love this, but she won't do it on command - only when the mood strikes her.

We are going through some really interesting changes in our lives/jobs right now, hopefully ones that will lead to us (finally!) being settled down in a house of our own in the next year.

And....on to our pictures! Just a few from our family pictures with Amanda Grace Photography a few weeks ago. They turned out even better than I imagined!!!