Monday, February 24, 2014

Real Style: Katheryn

An Introduction to this series: Real Style. I would consider myself a fairly fashionable woman. I like to keep in with current styles and ever since my great hold-out of 2002 (last pre-teen not wearing low rise jeans is the title that I've claimed), I have tried to be willing to be open to new styles. 

I can scroll through Pinterest for hours, pinning cute outfit ideas that I have no idea how to accomplish and getting discouraged when I realize the price tag for accomplishing them. So, I decided to do a few blog posts featuring different body types, different walks of life, and different styles on REAL women, and where to purchase the pieces needed for each outfit, as easily affordable as possible!

This is my friend Katheryn. She's gorgeous, right? Not many women can pull off a relaxed but classy look while THIS least, not on a budget. 
Her necklace is no longer available where she purchased it, so I found a similar style for sale on Etsy!
This is the dress, found at Old Navy. Not every Old Navy has a Maternity section (boooooo), but this can be purchased online for $19! (Reg. price is $36.50, which is still not too bad in the Maternity clothing world!)

I found this listing on Etsy for a shop called MaryAnnsWay. The necklace and earring set is only $13!
9" Turquoise Heart Bead Necklace with Matching Earrings

Pair this outfit with cute wedges or strappy sandals, and taaa daaa! There ya go!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I've Been Plexused!

Just about anyone who has known me for the past 10 years or so knows that I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in the Fall of '08 after battling mysterious headaches and insomnia for almost 2 years. 

I did my time with antibiotics and hoped that was the end of it, but it was definitely not. I have been on 8 week stints of antibiotics and other spirochete-killing assistants several times now. In between treatments, I struggle with low energy and multi-day migraine headaches.

To manage the pain and keep a semi-normal level of activity, I've taken migraine meds or excedrin migraine. I HATE prescription migraine medication. It makes me jittery, woozy, loopy, or sleepy - depending on the medication. Not to mention, they basically cost an arm and a leg! 

Excedrin Migraine has been my BFF for the last few years. But really? It's so so bad to take something like that long-term. 

As we started into the new year, my migraines began to become more frequent. I get a little panicky when this happens, because typically it is an indication of a new flare-up. 

My friend had been telling me about Plexus a little bit, and I had also been following some other people's progress on it for a few months, but I was (justifiably) hesitant. 

Finally, after a 3 day long migraine and TONS of research, I bit the bullet and ordered. I decided to go ahead and become an Ambassador for the company because, if Plexus Slim did what it said it could, I knew that I would want to promote it to my family and friends and anyone who would be willing to listen.

After four days on Plexus Slim, I was convinced. I am sleeping better at night (you know, when the 2 year old allows for that...), I have not had a migraine in a full month (unheard of for me), and I'm down 8 pounds and 3+ inches (haven't measured in a few days!). Not only that, but I have WAY more energy! 

Plexus believes that when your body's blood sugar levels, vitamins, and other levels are balanced, your metabolism can do the job it was meant to do without added stress. This makes us crave less sugary things, lose weight, and - for me- NO MORE MIGRAINES. 

Plexus products are made with natural ingredients - no crazy chemicals. DO NOT hesitate to ask me about Plexus! I'm always up for learning more about the products, and the best way to learn is to ask questions!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pinterest Round Up 2/11

My days have been filled to the brim with many things lately and I have a post in the making about a new health supplement system I have been using called Plexus - but that will have to wait for another day.
Today's post is a conglomeration of random Pinterest pins that I have done over the past few months! I don't have pictures of my completed projects because I am a slacker like that. 

1. Christmas 'presents'. These sat on a shelf in my dining room for the whole Christmas season and they were fun to make. I hit a couple of bumps though - burlap doesn't really take kindly to stamps. Sooo, I used a little scrap of muslin from my sister-in-law. I also accidentally hot-glued the pieces of burlap to the wrong sides of the presents....but that was user error, clearly.

  Go HERE to see the original blog and instructions on how to complete this project for yourself!

2. Super cutie-cute way to give a Starbucks gift card to someone. I did this for my sister-in-law and it turned out adorably!!
 Go HERE to see the original blog and instructions on how to complete this project for yourself!

3. Slow Cooker Ham & White Beans - This was great, in theory. But it turned out crazy salty, and I could hardly eat much of it. I would make it again, but less salt. 
 Go HERE to see the original blog and for instructions on how to complete this project for yourself!

4. Arm Knitting - Scarves. EASY EASY! And SO rewarding!! I did mine in green, so I don't have a lot to wear with it, unfortunately, but it turned out so nice! It takes a little patience to get going and you're going to want to wad up the yarn and throw it across the room for about 10 minutes. BUT, you will get it - and then you will be like, "Dude, how did I not get this in the first place?" :-)
 Go HERE to see the original blog and for instructions on how to complete this project for yourself!

5. Annnd, the final project from Pinterest. Smoked Sausage and Roasted Potatoes. AKA, comfort food. My potatoes weren't soft enough, but I needed to cut them into smaller pieces I think. ALSO, we're a meat lovin' time I will do double the kielbasa/sausage. This was just as good leftover, too!
 Go HERE to see the original blog and for instructions on how to complete this project for yourself!