Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Plexus Slim 7 Day Trial Giveaway!!

So if you know me at all in "real life", you know that I am a Plexus-For-Lifer. I have experienced benefits from Plexus products that I didn't think were possible as someone with an auto-immune disease. 

The best part of being a Plexus Ambassador is helping others feel healthier, too. I was just telling someone on my team this morning that I can hardly talk about testimonies (my own included!) without crying. I just get so emotionally invested!

Without rambling any further, I present to you- a GIVEAWAY! (and the crowd goes wiiiiiiild)
The Deets (I feel like such an old person typing that, but this is my attempt at hip-ness):
1. This giveaway will run until the 15th of October, 2014.
2. Due to shipping restrictions, I may not be able to send this seven day trial to the country in which you reside. If you have a question and are from another country (or if you have a question at all!), send me an email: mackenzeebeth[at]gmail[dot]com (with the proper symbols)

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting two AMAZING Diamond Ambassadors- Sheila Medina and Sonya Dudley. They are inspiring and so, so down to earth. 

If you would like to learn more about Plexus and their fantastic supplements, go to my website: http://mackenzeemcwilliams.myplexusproducts.com/

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Influenster Perks: VS Sports Bra!

Recently, I was given the chance to review the new VS Sports Bra and Cropped Workout Pants by Influenster - for free! I love free stuff, and I love giving my opinion. ;-) Basically, I am a woman....

Anyway, I haven't been much into running or T-25 lately, but have been consistent with a yoga sequence, since that's something Molly and I can do "together". 

I got the below style of Sports Bra, in orange and grey.
Let me tell ya. This is the sports bra to end all sports bras. FIRST of all, whoever had the genius idea to have a sports bra that zips up the front - THANK YOU. This means no more T-Rex arms while you try to shove your head, shoulders, arms and bust into one of the most restricting pieces of clothing possible. 

This sports bra is comfortable enough for me to wear around the house all day..not that I've ever..done..that...or anything. ;-) AND it is very supportive. Almost moreso than my regular bra, which is probably a sign that I need a new regular bra - oops. 

Anyway, if you struggle with finding the right sports bra, this is a good place to start. Well worth the money spent, in my opinion!