Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Princess Tea Party

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE birthdays. I love planning parties around a theme, and frequently forced my friends to dress up - well into our teenage years - for my birthday parties. I would still do it, if they wouldn't boycott it altogether. 

Guess what, friends-who-poo-pooed-my-theme-parties? I have a kid now. 
HA HA HA, jokes on you, you thought I was going to outgrow the elaborate dress-up parties but has only gotten worse!

So without further ado - Molly's 3rd Birthday: A Princess Tea Party!
A HUGE thank you to Amanda for photographing everything for me!

The Tablescape: Paper Flower Arrangement from Party City, Plastic Teacups with Straws and Lids from Amazon

Food: Cutout PB&J Sandwiches, Fairy Fruit Wands, Macarons*

Cupcake Decorating - Cupcake Crowns from Hobby Lobby

Cake by Katelyn - Topper from Hobby Lobby!

Molly got a little overzealous with the pink sprinkles.

Our Little Family
* Macarons: Katelyn and I have tried a few macaron recipes, but they are all either confusing or they did NOT turn out right. I found THIS RECIPE and it worked amazingly well! We still had to play around with it a little bit, but once we got in the swing of things, they came out so cute (and yummy)!

P.s. We did have guests at this party - it was actually a "friend party" for Molly - but out of respect for, you know, not putting other people's children's photographs on the Internet...I haven't included any pictures of them. :-) 

P.p.s. My sisters are Disney Princesses fo' REAL.